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TechData (C2000) Ordering utility for QuoteWerks

For use with: QuoteWerks v4.0 build 17 to v5.2 build 8.18

About the User: This project was commissioned by a client who sells high volumes of AutoDesk licenses. They order their licenses from TechData (more commonly known as Computer 2000 in the UK) via an online web portal.

Project Brief: the client (who also uses our ConnectIt-Sage50 QuoteWerks to Sage 50 Accounts integration) wanted to leverage the web services which sit alongside TechData‘s online web portal to create an easier, more seamless and less time-consuming way to place the AutoDesk license orders. Based on their experience with ConnectIt-Sage50 and the very simple ‘click and go’ approach, they requested a similar minimal fuss interface for this integration.

The screenshot below illustrates the very simple Tools menu | ‘Create Order in C2000’ option with the brief progress bar to indicate that the utility is running:

QuoteWerks TechData (C2000) utility


  • Creating the AutoDesk Order Header and Detail in within the TechData online ordering system from the Header and Line Items in QuoteWerks.
  • Validation checks to ensure that unexpected Line Types are not on the QuoteWerks Document or Vendor / Manufacturers listed.
  • Creation and saving of the Order XML file locally before sending to TechData for traceability and auditing purposes.
  • Configuration options to tailor which fields in QuoteWerks are mapped to which fields in the TechData Order (including use of macros).
  • Support for QuoteWerks Standard, Professional and Corporate editions.


  • Considerable time-saving as compared to manually creating the Order (particularly for Documents with a large number of Line Items).
  • Reduced likelihood of human error entering details incorrectly or duplicating Orders for licenses.
  • The utility runs seamlessly from the QuoteWerks Tools menu so the User experience is that they are using a QuoteWerks native feature.
  • Once configured, very easy to train Users on the additional feature.

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