Back office software integration with ‘any’ remote data source

For use by:

  • Businesses that would like to improve the efficiency with which enquiries or orders are entered into their back office software system from unconnected data sources.
  • Microsoft RMS, QuoteWerks, Sage 50, Sage 200 or Sage users that want to work more efficiently and get more from their day.
  • Any business that generates leads or sells product online.
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ConnectIt-Professional manages the transfer of information between ‘any’ data source including Excel, CSV, MS Access, MS SQL Server or your online enquiry / ecommerce website solution into Sage, QuoteWerks and Microsoft back office systems.

By efficiently transferring enquiry, order, customer, product, stock and pricing information between your back office systems, ConnectIt-Professional significantly improves the efficiency of your sales support staff.

Built on Microsoft .net and using author-approved integration techniques (API/SDKs), information is passed quickly and accurately between the two systems providing your sales support team with up-to-date enquiry and order requests and your customers with up-to-date product, stock and pricing information.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to manually input information between unconnected systems and ensures the integrity of the information entered.
  • Saves your sales support team significant amounts of time manually re-entering information and correcting the inevitable mistakes that are made, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks.
  • Ensures that your customers get complete and accurate information on the products you have available, thus avoiding time wasted checking and therefore improving your business relationships.

Key Features

  • Supports transfers from local data sources - CSV, Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server, plus ‘any’ ODBC compliant database.
  • Supports transfers from .net XML, PHP or Magento web services on your online enquiry or ecommerce website.
  • Supports transfer of order and customer information into Microsoft RMS, QuoteWerks , Swiftpage ACT! (was Sage ACT!), Sage 50 Essentials (was Sage Instant Accounts), Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Financials & Commercials and/or Sage 100 ERP back office sales order processing systems.
  • Transfers product, stock and pricing information from your back office system back into your online enquiry or ecommerce website solution.
  • Multiple Profiles for various information transfer types.
  • Can be run manually or automatically on a scheduled basis.

Online Demos

PLEASE NOTE: the demo illustrates the v1.x ConnectIt-WebCart incarnation of the newly branded ‘ConnectIt-Professional’ software. The principle is the same, but the new ConnectIt-Pro v2.0 version offers significantly enhanced features and an inproved user interface. We’ll get to doing v2.x ones soon!

This online demonstration video illustrates how easy it is using ConnectIt-Professional software to transfer information between your back office systems in just a few button clicks.

Please click on the player below to view a demonstration video of the ConnectIt Professional software.

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To purchase your copy of ConnectIt and start taking advantage of its time saving capabilities, please contact your local QuoteWerks, Microsoft or Sage reseller or contact us direct.


You can view screenshots, plus get a huge amount of information on every single option available within the ConnectIt software on our support resource page. On the Support Resources page, just click on ‘Pro’ and scroll down to the Step-by-Step Guides section; the Enquiry / Order Transfer and Configuration documents provide the most information for you to get a better understanding of the ConnectIt software.

If you're a reseller that would like original graphics for preparing a presentation, then please contact us to get high quality images.


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If you already have (or would like to subscribe to) a support contract for your ConnectIt product, please contact us.

If you would like help installing or setting up your ConnectIt software, then please see this page.

For documentation, including step-by-step guides and technical information, please refer to the Resources pages.

Or, to search the ConnectIt Support Knowledgebase, please click here!

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